i’m curious how many of you actually looked

yes that was a good post

look behind you

IM…. LAUGHING…. I just tried to search for “laaalalala” on deviantart and ahhahaha the top results where all mine

I’m surprised not all my deviation popped up in the results, it’s p much the only tag I’ve used on dA

I just realised that one question said “even” and not “ever”.

I kept reading it as “ever”

Now I’m getting nervous the asker actually meant something else?? I hope I didn’t misunderstand

I was way too tired to be reading messages yesterday


viktormon replied to your postpost no 7,000

And what have you accomplished after them all? :D

absolutely nothing

A+ blogging

these numbers would’ve looked a little bit more fun if i had a hundred less followers haha


still pleasing numbers to look at

post no 7,000

almost there

wait for it