I got the ear drops earlier today and used them but they didn’t help AT ALL which means it probably wasn’t ear wax plugging it which means WEHH I’LL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS FOR EVEN LONGER

I can barely hear anything on my right ear and both ears are hurting like HELL. Serious FUCKING PAIN.

I’m going to try an overnight treatment with the ear drops I guess, but if it still doesn’t help I’ll have to call the medical centre tomorrow. 

But until then, this really hurts and I can’t focus on anything and I can’t even listen to music to distract myself from the pain because it just makes it hurt more /sobs/ (tried painkillers and they didn’t work at all)

I’ll stop whining now, I just needed an outlet. u__u,

  1. dyzzyah said: Oh no! I hope that gets better very soon!
  2. assteolgicats said: You most likely have an ear infection if it hurts that bad o:
  3. chopythes said: Wäh, I hope it’ll solve soon! D: Hoppas fan inte att det är en öroninflammation du har råkat ut för! D:
  4. kitten-burrito said: Awww, hon. Hope you’re feeling all right soon. <3