delinquentstuck vriska doodle
(vriska how is that jacket staying on your shoulders)

delinquentstuck vriska doodle

(vriska how is that jacket staying on your shoulders)

what about tavros in deliquentstuck? He could be in vriskas school and bullied by her (because in what AU is tavros not targeted by her?) ooohh ooooh and he should be gamzees friend. But anyway, back on topic, do you have any ideas for him?

Vriska’s school is all girls, so he couldn’t be in there haha 

But yeah, I’ve been wanting to come up with some more ideas for Tavros other than just “Gamzee’s friend” (which is all I got right now). I guess he’d go to the same school as Feferi and Gamzee, and I like the idea of him and Aradia being old friends too, maybe they’ve gone to the same school when they were younger and still keep in touch. 

Other than that, well, I have a few thoughts but nothing I’ve decided on yet

Ohh maybe he could be helping Gamzee during this incident and end up fighting with Dave

delinquentstuck: in fights, Dave uses his bokutou, Karkat mostly uses his fists and John goes with stuff like smoke pellets and various dirty tricks (and almost never dropping his smile at the same time lmao)

in spite of Dave and Karkat’s attitudes, out of the three it’s John that somehow manages to piss off the most people

delinquentstuck: one of the rumours still going around about Dave’s Bro is how beating him in a fight was so impossible that his opponents fighting spirit got completely crushed, hence earning him the name “Destroyer of Souls”

i don't know, I just see day being really worried about John. He tries to be a good father but they don't really see eye to eye. Maybe Dad secretly works for one of the high ups in the gang and doesn't tell John about it to keep him out of the business.

ohhh that’d be interesting… in most stories, John and Dad seem to get along really well, it’d be an interesting take on their relationship in this AU

Maybe Dad’s clear of gang related things these days but he used to be in some real bad company when he was younger and wants to keep John from going through the same things

Then of course there would have to be some part of the story where they come to an understanding of sorts

what about fef and eridan? they should be tough fellas too!

Feferi and Eridan are both kids from a yakuza group so they definitely know their way around in fights. Though because Fef got her bodyguards around at all times, even in school thanks to Gamzee being one of them, she rarely gets some real practise, she’s mostly been taught self defence by the family. Eridan rather stays clear of fights, and bad kids stay clear of him thanks to his family’s reputation, but when he gets into one he and Sollux would be about the same level in skill…. though that doesn’t say much haha

What about John's Dad?? Is he worried about John? Does he approve of all this fighting?

ohhhhhh I haven’t thought about that! I don’t know really :O 

Maybe John says it’s something about “helping friends” and Dad lets it go as long as he doesn’t get into too much trouble…

Anyone got a better idea haha because otherwise I’m drawing a blank

delinquentstuck masterpost

To have something I can link to where people can easily find things haha

the post with the general outline of the idea
^ though it’s just my initial ideas, a lot more has been thought of since

the original image that started this mess

character sketches (with some general info);

Sollux and Aradia 

Rose and Jade

Vriska and Terezi (additionally)

Equius and Nepeta

more to come when I find the time haha

Everything else, ideas, other drawings and bits of the “story” is in the delinquentstuck tag on my blog


moogleempmog replied to your posthi so delinquentstuck is gr8. what ships are present other than rosekan (aka not-so-classy lesbians)?

Is it terrible that I want to see John be the 8est delinquent by trolling all of his admirers - and on a meta level the fans - for the entire run of the hypothetical manga? Because if that’s terrible I want to be terrible. >:]

LMAO that’s the exact idea I got too ahaha he does plenty of trolling towards everyone and in the end his prankster gambit shoots through the roof and pierces the skies

no terezi ships? :c

None so far! :c ahhh but she and Vriska got their sisterhood going on and that’s personally my favourite out of Terezi’s relationships

I guess there’d be some real romantic VrisTez hints here and there too heh♥