ok i should really



are you kidding me



gonna prepare tomorrow for the berlin trip

ok ok ok


no i need to sleep goodnight

over a thousand notes

not even twenty minutes

i’m just gonna

i’m just gonna go sleep now ok


im gonna






hey you should all

try and drop ideas for thorki stuff to draw 

in my askbox

and I’ll see if I can pull anything off when I wake up

gonna sleep now

I’ve been losing and gaining followers at a pretty even pace lately

it’s homestucks fleeing and avengers folks dropping in instead I guess

I’m gonna sleep now, goodnight

liralicia replied to your postit’s 5 am and I’m having too many thorki feels to…

BEST FEELINGS, yes, good. But go to bed. You can probably dream about them at this point

…….. I would not mind some dreams of that nature

alright, off to bed I go

200+ notes on that thing WHY

okay no im gonna sleepn ow

400 plays

what is pop tarts

i don’t even know

if I get around to it I think I’ll draw some dirkjane tomorrow

kay goodnight