liralicia replied to your postokay enough homestuck im gonna go hide in a 50k…

Which one, I need more long fics, please

ah this one;

it’s actually just 43k yet but i read that as 48 at first haha. just started reading it, it seems ok so far. it’s been up for a while but i usually don’t read fics before they’re finished so i didn’t see it before

liralicia replied to your postit’s 5 am and I’m having too many thorki feels to…

BEST FEELINGS, yes, good. But go to bed. You can probably dream about them at this point

…….. I would not mind some dreams of that nature

alright, off to bed I go


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liralicia replied to your postAHHHHHHHHHH I’m dead I’m officially dead haha…

I can’t believe you did all those panels, it looks great! I did like… two panels once and got bored.

haha I can have patience as long as each bit doesn’t take too long. His room kind of killed me though oh my god……….. But after I got that done with, the rest didn’t take too much time haha

(about 6 hours total though, writing and drawing)

ToA's Anise! .... No? .... Ok, no *hides*

SQUEALS I like Anise a LOT haha I always have her on my team when playing

hmmm we think nothing alike when it comes to money but other than that I can say I like being compared to her 8) 

those last “if I met you irl” asks


liralicia replied to your postliralicia replied to your post: gghhhhh Vinland…

Yes!! I don’t think it will go well… not the way Canute is now. Their encounter will make me cry, I know it. I miss their relationship so much. I actually enjoyed the farming chapters too? Thorfinn needed them, I think.

Ohh I think so too, makes my heart hurt a little, thinking about it. I also wonder if Einar will continue to have a big part in the story, I hope he will

aaaahhh I don’t get why this manga isn’t licensed in English yet, with how successful it’s been in Japan >A<


liralicia replied to your postgghhhhh Vinland Saga chapter 78

I thought I was the only person who still read that manga! It’s SO good, I love it. Canute is breaking my heart’

Yeah a lot of people got bored around the farming chapters u__u I actually liked those, I loved to see Thorfinn’s character develop like that. My baby’s all grown up! 

And yes, Canute ;____; asdfghjkl 

I can’t help but to wonder what will happen if/when Canute and Thorfinn meets again, their reactions and everything to how different they are now