one part of me almost wants to reblog that train track story i posted because cAN YOU BELIEVE THIS SHIT?

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if you’ve only blocked tags, put hash marks in front of whatever your blocking, that way when it’s in a url, it will still show up!

ah, that helps I think! Thanks, I’ll try it. I think most of the times people put this stuff in the tags so it’ll probably work

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you can disable that option so you dont see anything and its helped me not get angry and annoyed at stupid things!!

ah but I don’t want to do that! I have stuff tumblr saviored that some of the blogs I follow have in their urls or blog titles and I still want to see their posts! For some reason, white listing their urls didn’t help. 

honestly most of the time tumblr savior doesn’t do me much good

i mean

"If you cannot resist the temptation, click here…" why would you phrase it like that quit making things difficult for me oh my god…………. 

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aaahh lisaa i miss your shoujo style so much/////

ahh i do too sometimes haha uvu

Looks at my old art from ‘09-‘10 and cries a little

Not because it’s that BAD but rather the opposite

If you just look it all over it doesn’t look like I’ve improved much at all

Which in one way is true, switching to my secondary style to use it as my main pushed me back a lot, it took me a year to figure stuff out properly again but then things picked up. Not to mention I’ve put a lot of time into figuring out how to draw digitally, which also pushed me back a bit. 

And I know there’s LOTS of things I can draw with confidence now that I thought was impossible for me back then. Not to mention that there’s a lot of improvement in my process, there’s a lot less guessing and luck involved there these days. There’s a higher success rate to my drawings now haha, even if you can’t tell just from the things I posted back then, because those drawings where only the successful ones. 

And I guess my style from back then made a lot of things look fancier than they were and distracted you from the mistakes. 

Oh well. I already know I improve rather slowly, other than that crazy year that was ‘04 haha. 

This post is just my own way of pushing confidence onto myself by the way, because I know my drawings turn out so much better if I’m not too stressed about it. 

either that or it’s sucking my brain out through my ear

my one davejade fanart got a shitload of notes while i was sleeping wow

i’m curious how many of you actually looked

yes that was a good post